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The Reporting Engine versus Tableau

If you are in the Contact center industry, this information will be of incredible value to you.

TRE vs Tableau

The Reporting Engine versus Tableau

If you are in the Contact Center industry, this information will be of incredible value to you.

It is a brief comparison of the features offered by Tableau and those provided by The Reporting Engine.

Why pay for features you dont need?

Why pay for features you don't need?

Tableau was designed to appeal to all industries, which includes science-centric sectors, and for that reason, Tableau has many advanced analytical features that are irrelevant to the Contact Center industry.

Furthermore, these advanced features deliver a complex and layered User Interface that needs a very intensive training regimen and a steep learning curve for users to be able to create even the most simple reports.

The Reporting Engine, by contrast, caters exclusively to the specific needs of Contact Centers.

Why hire additional staff whose only purpose is to generate reports?

Tableau relies heavily on IT or BI Teams to provide their users/viewers with reports.

Not many small/medium-sized businesses can afford this extra cost when investing in a business intelligence solution.

In Tableau, Reports/Dashboards are created by highly-trained experts.

Their reports offer some interaction and drill-down capabilities to their user/viewers, but these are limited in scope when compared to the flexibility, power, and independence that The Reporting Engine provides each user/viewer.

Reporting analytics

The Reporting Engine is a BI solution designed for the unique requirements and nature of Contact Centers.

It provides a BI solution for all types of users within the contact center world by meeting their every need promptly while eliminating their dependence on technical teams.

Reduce employee turnover and training costs.

Because Contact Centers have high turnovers, the time and expense of training can be overwhelming.

The Reporting Engine offers real-time data that can be used to better manage staff.

TRE’s versatility will save time and money.

Extended data storage.

Your phone system doesn't keep data for very long, and Tableau does not provide database storage capabilities.

The lack of storage forces customers to create in-house database architectures and automation to leverage their historical data for business insights.

And this means additional costs. The Reporting Engine solution includes extended data storage, eliminating additional expense.

Real-Time capabilities built-in.

Tableau does not provide Real-Time capabilities: customers have to design that functionality.

Contact Centers need reports to automatically refresh every 10 seconds to help them manage their service levels with their customers.

Preserves Historical Team Results

Contact centers have their agents reporting to team leads.

There is much team shuffling that goes on throughout the year in contact centers.

Upper management not only needs reports on the agents' performance, but they also need reports for each team and each team leader.

Timely and accurate reports are crucial if they are going to be able to manage their coaches/team leads effectively.

Preserve team results

The challenge for reporting with all contact centers is strikingly evident when upper management look at their team leads' performance results: they need reports that retain the historical performance indicators of their team leads that preserve the historical data for each coach, despite the continual shifting of team members or agents.

In other words, the historical aspect of their team leads’ performance needs to remain intact even when the team lead is now responsible for new agents.

For this to happen, the new team lead’s results must only begin to reflect the performance of the new agent from the moment they join their team, and the previous team lead’s indicators must remain unaffected until the moment the agent stops reporting to them.

Challenge for reporting

Stable performance indicators for team leads mean that there must be a structure to maintain their results independent of the make-up of the agents they are coaching at any given time.

Accurate reporting must also be able to track results for individual agents as they move from team to team.

This complication escapes most BI solutions and developers alike because they are not aware of this dynamic within the contact center industry.

Stable performance indicators

To ensure reporting and analytics continues to provide accurate results not only for agents (that's the straightforward part) but also for any groupings/categories/team results requires a database application and structure that tracks the movement of said agents.

The ability to do this is built-in the Reporting Engine.

A structure that allows for the tracking of individual agents and team leaders, as well as team or group results, is crucial to effective contact center management.


Canned Reports

"Canned Reports" will be created on implementation by The Reporting Engine at no cost.

With Tableau, there will be substantial human resources costs to generate the necessary canned reports.

Short training time

Short training time

Contact Centers need their users to have the power of insight, and for that, they must create their own dashboards/reports for their analytical needs.

Tableau limits non-technical users (supervisors, business analysts) to work with reports/dashboards designed by highly-trained experts in Tableau.

Non-technical users cannot create their own reports unless they follow the intensive training program.

The Reporting Engine training program lasts no more than 90 minutes, after which a user is capable using all of the system’s functions.



Tableau offers Dashboards but does not provide Scorecards. Gamification and goal setting is a common practice for Contact Centers.

The Reporting Engine scorecards manage thresholds, goals, and targets for individuals, supervisors, and departments, and displays these with the stats for all indicators, allowing management to see who is achieving their goals and to gather information about any gap between results and goals.

Customizable reports to suit your unique management needs

The Reporting Engine Custom Demographic feature enables Management to report on aggregates based on a customer's own categories.

This feature lets users view results rolled-up by custom categories like Departments, Supervisors, Regions, Districts, Teams, Skills, Seniority, or any variable you or your team deems significant.

These also serve as additional filter options for the customers' business intelligence.

Tableau can only support this if each customer develops their own databases to manage the information.

Again, creating your own databases requires a significant outlay of time and capital, and also involves automation and proper relational tables design and updating algorithms.

Reduce contact center employee turnover and training costs.

Because Contact Centers have high turnovers, the time and expense of training new contact center employees can be overwhelming. Management need to be agile, they need to be able to gather insight and solve problems continually and without delay.

The Reporting Engine offers real-time data that can be used to better manage staff.

TRE’s versatility will save time and money.

The Bottom Line

The Reporting Engine offers a comprehensive package with features that will save you time and money by solving real contact center problems quickly and effectively.