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Simplified Business Intelligence and Reporting for Call Centers

The Reporting Engine provides call center reporting software and easy access to the information you need to monitor the key statistics of your call center reports and develop operational insights for process improvement.


The heart of every call center is the ability to monitor and measure the performance of the business. That is why The Reporting Engine provides easy access to the information you need to monitor the key statistics of your call center and develop operational insights for process improvement.

By using The Reporting Engine, you will have access to historical and real-time data based on call center best practices.

Measure agent performance
Gain valuable, powerful insight
Share successes with management
Take action on problems
The Reporting Engine performance dashboard provides real-time business performance metrics in a role-based, visually dynamic medium that can target agents, supervisors, and executives with the right critical data from disparate systems like call center, WFO, CRM, and other technologies. Monitor the call center metrics, manage agents and queues, and respond quickly to changing conditions.
Our historical reporting includes a variety of advanced customizations including data columns, report templates, sorting, filtering, grouping, and time periods. Tailor reports to your needs and always have access to the latest relevant information you need to make critical decisions for your call center operations.

Call Center Reporting Software to Drive Business Intelligence

Measure overall call center health and optimize agent performance from a single, powerful reporting engine - not a compilation of unstructured and disconnected data points - the tool you need to make informed business decisions.

Improve Conversions

Easily analyze outbound and inbound call metrics to improve conversions, including: number of contact attempts, connection rates, call duration, hold time, processed leads, and much more.

Empower and Motivate Agents

Transform real-time call center metrics into at-a-glance dashboards and wallboards for actionable intelligence to share with supervisors and agents. Facilitate immediate feedback to quickly identify problems and make adjustments before they reach a critical stage, or drill down into the very granular to help agents reach their goals individually.

Uncover Trends

Quickly uncover and spot trends by mapping comprehensive historical metrics to make informed decisions.
Find out how The Reporting Engine can help you measure and monitor key call center reporting software statistics while developing operational insights for process improvement. Our reporting solution delivers both historical and real-time insights based on call center best practices.

Gain Greater Visibility into What Drives Customer Engagement

Combine the data from your call center metrics and service management platform or CRM to create a comprehensive and centralized view of what drives daily engagements and volume. With The Reporting Engine's call center reporting flexible interface, easily build and schedule custom reports, charts, graphs, and KPI's to identify focus areas and drive the right outcomes.

Elevate Your Leadership

Managers and supervisors get call center reports when they need them. Redirect your supervisors' energy to interact with their agents. Create an engaged and empowered culture. New, innovative solutions. New, fresh and timely insight. Inspired new coaching style.